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Large Stanage Millstone

Large Stanage Millstone


Stanage Millstone is a creamy, bloomy rind cheese made by hand in small batches at Cow Close Farm, using milk from a neighbouring herd of Hathersage cows. Stanage Millstone is named after the gritstone millstones that dot our farmland (and the surrounding Stanage/North Lees Estate), and each cheese is shaped with a hole in the centre in their honour. 

  • Taste and texture

    A soft bloomy rind encases a rich flavour, buttery texture, with a deep golden colour curd paste. When the cheese is young and only just reached maturity, the centre is still a little flaky, and citrus tastes are present. When the cheese is allowed to continue to mature for another 2 to 3 weeks, the flaky centre gives way to a gooey rich texture, and an intense flavour is offered.

  • Ingredients and allergens

    We use fantastic quality milk sourced from a single herd of robotically milked cows on a neighbouring farm. The robotic milking means that the cows are happier, as they can pick and choose when they are milked. Stanage Millstone cheese is made from whole pasteurised cow's milk, and the tiniest amount of cheese starter culture, vegetarian rennet, and salt.

  • Storage and shelf life

    Large Stanage Millstones are ready to eat after 34 days of maturing, and will continue to develop their taste and texture through to the end of their shelf life, after a further 6 weeks. The cheeses should be stored in a fridge below 5C, but are best eaten at room temperature. 

  • Nutritional info

    We do not add anything artificial, or remove anything from the milk we use to make Stanage Millstone; it is pure unadulterated locally sourced whole milk. Of course, as a result our cheese is a little heavy on some of the naughty nutritional numbers, but remember that everything is good in moderation!

    Nutrition - Typical values per 100g:

    • Energy Value 347kcal/1440kJ
    • Carbohydrate 1.3g, of which sugars 0.8g

    • Protein 19.0g

    • Salt 1.62g

    • Fat 29.6g, of which saturates 19.1g

  • Size and price

    Each Large Stanage Millstone weighs on average 725g, and are priced at £33.00 per kg.

  • Stockists

    The Large Stanage Millstones have just hit the market! They are priced per kg, so please get in touch if you would like to order. 

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