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Stanage Curd

Stanage Curd


Stanage Curd is a creamy, soft, curd cheese made by hand in small batches at Cow Close Farm, using milk from a neighbouring herd of Hathersage cows. Stanage Curd cheese is incredibly similar to soft cream cheese, however it has not had mechanical processing.

  • Taste and texture

    Stanage Curd has a light, soft creamy texture which thickens as the cheese matures. The flavour starts with delightful citrus hints, and matures to a rich creamy intensity. Its great on its own, in sandwiches, on toast, and for us in cooking (its a great replacement for ricotta in recipes giving a light but rich creamy flavour).

  • Ingredients and allergens

    We use fantastic quality milk sourced from a single herd of robotically milked cows on a neighbouring farm. The robotic milking means that the cows are happier, as they can pick and choose when they are milked. Stanage Curd cheese is made from whole pasteurised cow's milk, and the tiniest amount of cheese starter culture, vegetarian rennet, and salt.

  • Storage and shelf life

    Stanage Curd is ready to eat 2 days after production, and will continue to develop its taste and thicken its texture through to the end of its shelf life, after 3 weeks. The curd cheese should be stored in a fridge below 5C.

  • Size and price

    Each pot contains just over 200g of Stanage Curd, and is priced at £3.00.

  • Stockists

    As well as ordering from this site, you can pick up pots of Stanage Curd in a selection of our stockists

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